Men’s Wellness Center in Medina, OH

What is HRT and Health Optimization?

At Advanced Age Management, our Men’s Wellness Center offers treatments men need for concierge wellness, preventative medicine, and hormone optimization. These services include:

How Much Do Men’s Health Center Services Cost?

Costs vary depending on the desired treatments and individualized medical treatment plans. We do not submit to medical insurance.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

HRT, or hormone replacement therapy, is the process by which deficient hormones that naturally lower over time are replenished with hormone treatments. As men age, testosterone levels will gradually decline. For some men, this natural decline is not enough to cause a noticeable difference but some men notice symptoms related to lower testosterone levels. It’s common for men to experience reduced energy, drive and motivation, increased aches and pains, insomia and sleep disturbance, slower metabolism resulting in increased body fat.

What is HRT for Men?

Advanced Age Management in Medina, OH offers HRT to men. Testosterone regulates sex drive, sperm production, facial hair, muscle mass, and even red blood cell production. Men who don’t produce as much testosterone as they used to will find that HRT helps them feel active, vital, and healthy. Men sometimes find that HRT gives them the little boost they need for optimal performance and quality of life.

What is Sexual Health for Men?

Sexual health is a vital part of life. There’s a slight stigma around discussing it, but it’s important. A man’s sexual health affects himself just as much as it affects his partner. Men want to be able to meet the needs of their wife or partner, and an inability to do so may cause strain in a relationship. Sexual rejuvenation can make life feel vibrant and fulfilling.

What Should I Expect from a Medical Treatment Program?

Dr. John Kocka works with men to create functional and effective custom solutions to optimize health and wellness. Dr. Kocka is an expert in hormone replacement therapy. While the hormones are a key part of the treatment, he and his team recommend supplementing them with healthier habits. Improving diet, increasing exercise, and getting high-quality sleep will increase the benefits of HRT. He can work with you to create a sustainable plan for your overall wellness. During your complimentary consultation, you can discuss your concerns with Dr. Kocka.

At Advanced Age Management, Dr. John Kocka helps patients improve their quality of life and performance by addressing a variety of concerns. We offer personalized hormone replacement therapy for men living in Cleveland, Medina, Wadsworth, Akron, and the nearby communities in Northeast Ohio. Contact us to schedule a telemedicine consultation at your earliest convenience.