Advanced Age Management Reviews

Testimonials from
Satisfied Patients

“AAM is a great team to have on your side, very knowledgeable. The Team will walk you through every step of the process as well as help set reasonable expectations. The results are undeniable and quick coming. I sleep better, have much better workouts, and more energy for my children.”

Michael N.

“Dr. Kocka and Troy make a fantastic team. Extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and very talented. They truly and honestly care about every single patient. Fantastic clinic for anyone looking to change their life in a positive way!”



“I lost about 30 pounds in 7 weeks with diets, exercise and personal touch of these guys here. Everything has been fairly straight forward and I haven’t had to change much in my life other than what I put in my body! Taking the care and giving that a little more attention. Everyone here has been through the roof, accessible and helpful. They say a day maybe 2 response time but every time I have asked a question it’s been within an hour I’ve had an answer. I really appreciate it.”

Jason D.

“I am sworn law enforcement with a Federal Agency assigned to the warrant team. Having been in the military and living a healthy, active life, physical fitness has always been important and imperative. As I was getting older, my performance was decreasing and I began dealing with high levels of inflammation on a daily basis. There were times that the inflammation in my joints was so extreme that I would just lie on the couch all weekend. Irritability set in as it affected my mental state. I went in to see Troy and his team. They have completely turned my life around. I was put on a treatment plan and I found my mental attitude improved along with my physical health. My inflammation subsided and my performance improved. Physical and mental performance is imperative with my line of work. Troy and his team have changed my life. They have given me my life back. I’m eternally grateful for the care they have given me.”

James B.

“I started going to Advanced Age Management in March of 2018 after my doctor told me my symptoms of sluggishness, joint pain, low energy, and brain fog was just a normal part of aging. I wanted a second opinion and after hearing an infomercial on a local radio station I called for an appointment. During the initial consultation, the guys at Advanced Age Management completed the most comprehensive blood work I had ever had which are not a part of the “routine” blood work panels at your doctors office. The blood work showed both nutritional and hormonal deficiencies. I received nutritional counseling and a plan for optimizing my hormones. As of today, I am a completely different person. I sleep soundly, I have energy and enthusiasm throughout the day, I am more productive in my professional life because of improved mental clarity and focus, my marriage is better, after work I and have the energy to throw the ball around with the kids, and my cholesterol and blood pressure is that of a young person. If your a middle-aged guy like me and have been told there is nothing you do to feel better–don’t believe it. You owe it to yourself as well as your family to schedule an appointment at Advanced Age Management.”


“To be fair, I wanted to wait until at least my 6-7 month mark before commenting on my experience. Personal info: 64 yrs old, never smoked don’t drink alcohol, no fast food in diet, watch sugar intake and basically eat clean and healthy. It seemed like no matter how good I was on diet and exercise I hit a wall on belly fat loss and muscle gain. After being stonewalled by my family physician for years on possible low T effects, I heard the LowTOhio commercial on 1100AM and stopped by to see Troy. Now 7 months later I can honestly say that was one of the best decisions I have made in recent times. Nick did a body composition reading on me about one month in and I went out and bought a Tanita Dual Frequency scale for myself to accurately track my progress. In 6 months I went from 209lbs, 28.8% body fat, 17% visceral fat, and 142.6 lbs muscle to 200 lbs, 23.3% BF, 14.0% VF and 146 lbs of muscle mass. The 3% of visceral fat loss is very noticeable and several coworkers have made comments. My last weigh in at 7.5 months out had me at 206.6 lbs, 24.4% BF, 14.5% VF and a muscle mass of 148.5 lbs. If I’m understanding my scale correctly I have lost around 10 lbs of fat and gained about 6.5 lbs of muscle. Low T was keeping me from seeing results of eating healthy and going to the gym at 64 yrs old. Not a problem now or the foreseeable future.”

John H

“Dr. Kocka and Troy are very knowledgeable and dedicated providers. When you sit down to talk with Troy you immediately know he is there for you. He takes the time to listen to your needs and addresses any concerns you may have. Truly a caring and passionate staff.”