Diet & Workout Programs in Medina, OH

It’s amazing what a carefully planned diet and a little extra exercise can do. Dr. John Kocka at Advanced Age Management works with patients to create custom health solutions for men in Medina, Akron, Cleveland, and the surrounding Ohio communities.

What Are Diet and Workout Programs for Men?

Most men enter diet and workout programs with the goal of replacing a few pounds of fat with a few pounds of muscle. Whether you’re trying to lose fat, build muscle, or both, we can create a plan to help you meet your fitness goals.

What Do Diet and Workout Plans Cost?

Dr. John Kocka provides each patient with an individualized plan. Because of this, costs may vary. You can learn more at your consultation and review financing information here.

What is a Health Coach?

Advanced Age Management provides health coaching to men in Medina, OH, and the surrounding areas. A body composition analysis helps us determine the best course of action for each patient. By setting personalized macronutrient goals and matching each patient to the appropriate diet, we’re able to set motivated people on the ideal path to success.

Am I a Candidate for Diet and Workout Plans?

Since everyone has different nutritional requirements, nothing works better than a custom-tailored diet. Everyone is a candidate to take control of their health.

How Are Diet and Workout Plans Created?

Although aspects of popular diet plans like keto, paleo, Mediterranean, and gut health diets may be used to set the foundation of a custom diet, a personalized solution is always best. We can work with you to create the ideal diet for your body after a body composition analysis and macronutrient calculations.

What is the Keto Diet?

The ketogenic, or “keto” diet works by kicking the body into a state of ketosis. People in ketosis use the energy their body stores in their own fat cells. This diet has a focus on fueling the body with fat, thereby helping it adapt to burning mostly fat as fuel. Keto is carb restrictive but not otherwise difficult to maintain because fat is flavorful and satisfying.

What is the Paleo Diet?

The paleo diet is somewhat open to interpretation. Its core goal is to remove processed foods from your diet, replacing them with whole and nutritious foods. It’s similar to the diet eaten by early humans, emphasizing lean protein sources, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is rich in vegetables, olive oil, and lean protein. Its balance of healthy fats and vegetables make the meals filling. Since the Mediterranean diet focuses on satiety with a lower amount of calories, it’s usually the perfect choice for people looking to trim pounds and focus on heart health.

What is the Gut Health Diet?

The gut health diet is designed to help people with digestive issues. This diet may vary from person to person. The foods consumed on a gut health diet are chosen for their ability to balance gut bacteria and ease digestion. People who frequently experience issues like gas, bloating, and constipation find relief with a gut health diet.

How Long Will My Diet and Workout Results Last?

The results will last for as long as you remain committed to the plan. If you keep following the diet and exercises created by you and Dr. Kocka, you will continue to see success.

If you need help reaching your fitness goals in Wadsworth, Medina, Akron, or the surrounding Ohio communities, John Kocka, M.D., is here to create the perfect customized health solution for you. Contact Advanced Age Management to start your journey with a free consultation. Dr. Kocka offers same-day consultations when necessary.