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Think you might have low testosterone? After age 35, testosterone gradually lowers with each passing year. By age 60, nearly half of men suffer from low testosterone levels.

Low testosterone affects men’s sexual health, daily functioning, and quality of life.

At Advanced Age Management, we believe aging shouldn’t mean losing our sexual health. Our wellness center for men offers a variety of hormone replacement therapies. Call us at 216-471-8220, and we’ll help you get your hormones back on track.

Low Testosterone Symptoms

Most people already know testosterone is integral to male sexual health and performance. However, testosterone also supports many other bodily functions, including brain function. Low testosterone, as a result, is detrimental to every facet of health.

Low testosterone typically presents with these symptoms:

· Low libido
· Erectile dysfunction
· Sluggishness and fatigue
· Weight gain
· Loss of motivation
· Aches and pains

Leading Men’s Health Clinic near Akron, OH

When you first visit our office, our medical team will listen to your concerns, assess your hormone levels, and discuss a personalized treatment plan to get your hormones back on track.

Dr. Kocka and his team take a well-rounded approach to restore hormonal function. Besides assessing hormone levels, we also consider your nutrition, physical fitness, stress levels, and sleeping habits. We strongly believe our therapies work best in conjunction with healthy lifestyle habits.

Men’s Health Services We Offer

Our men’s clinic in Akron, OH, offers the following therapies and treatments:

· Hormone replacement therapy (HRT): If our team diagnoses you with low testosterone, you’ll receive testosterone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is one of the safest and most effective hormone replacement therapies available today. Lost hormones are restored with hormones that are exactly identical to the ones the body produces on its own.
· Hypothyroid therapy: Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid, or bow tie-shaped gland in the neck, does not produce enough thyroid hormone to keep the body functioning properly. Hypothyroidism is very common condition and is treatable. About 20 million people in America live with a thyroid disease. Although thyroid disease is less prevalent in men, its effects are still the same.
· Peptide therapy: Your body naturally produces peptides, facilitating nerve signaling, fat loss, and muscle growth. Peptide levels decrease as we age, so our team can provide peptide supplementation to help you lose weight, boost muscle tone, and improve libido.
· Adrenal fatigue therapy: The adrenal glands produce cortisol and are an essential part of the endocrine system. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that supports many bodily functions, so it can cause energy burnout when elevated for too long. Fortunately, we successfully treat adrenal fatigue with supplements, injections, and holistic therapy.
· Vitamin B12 therapy: Many people are deficient in vitamin B12, found in eggs, dairy, and meat. This vitamin optimizes muscle, nerve, and cognitive function. We offer B12 injections to give you an energy boost.
· Diet & workout programs: Most men enter diet and workout programs with the goal of replacing a few pounds of fat with a few pounds of muscle. Whether you’re trying to lose fat, build muscle, or both, we can create a plan to help you meet your fitness goals.

At Advanced Age Management, our expert team will help you say goodbye to low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and other men’s health issues! Call us at 216-471-8220 for a free phone consultation with the top men’s clinic in Akron, OH.